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Air forces

At the beginning of WWI, most countries did not have a decent air force unit.
Many senior officers, in particular, were sceptical.

At the beginning of World War II, the Luftwaffe was the latest and strongest air force, and it dominated the skies over Europe with aircraft that were much more advanced than the actual opponents. After the Battle of Britain but lost the Luftwaffe sustained its superiority in the air, because the Allies rapidly developed much more better appliances and the Luftwaffe airplane production complexes were bombed continuously.


WWI Fighter pilots received a 15-hour training and their life expectancy was only a small number of weeks.
Mostly, the pilots were not much older than 20 years.

During WWII National policies for skilful pilots differed; German and Japanese pilots tended to return to the cockpit over and over again until they were killed, while very successful Allied pilots were routinely rotated back to training bases to educate cadet flyers


By definition, the first military aircraft were reconnaissance aircraft.
Their only mission was to fly over military lines, take photographs and report the enemy’s dispositions.
Only later they were armed with machine guns.

In WWII, airplanes of all types – fighters, bombers, transports, etc. – developed rapidly. Biplanes saw action in the early years; jet aircraft zoomed through the skies over Germany in 1945.
All the combatant nations, USA, Germany, Japan, Britain, struggled to keep their aircraft up-to-date, almost constantly modifying them and introducing new variants. The Spitfire went through over twenty variants.

The Belgian watch designer, Ronald Steffen, was born in Zug, close to the heart of the Swiss watch industry. He studied photography and graphic design at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, Belgium.
He is the founder of the exclusive Swiss brand STEFFEN (WWW.STEFFEN.BE). Inspired by WWI & WWII and based on profoundresearch, he designed a unique RSC (Ronald Steffen Creations) collection radiating the atmosphere of this nostalgic era.
The result is this unique watch collection, 
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The back of the watches is engraved with a beautiful etching of the
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World War I Dogfight

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