Mosquito® 80th D-Day


Mosquito D-Day Pilot Watch: RSC developed this watch in honor of the pilots flying de Havilland Mosquito warbirds during D-Day.This special 45 mm chronograph is designed with details based on reality: the characteristic white stripes on the aircraft, a representation of cockpit gauges on the dial.Also Included a 20-page 80th D-Day brochure about the role of the Mosquito during D-Day ....
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•    Case diameter:  45 mm
•    Movement:  Swiss Quartz Ronda Movement
•    Crystal:  Sapphire crystal (scratch resistant)
•    Hands:  luminous hands
•    Case thickness:  14 mm
•    Total length: 27 cm  (10,54 inches)
•    Strap width: 22 mm
•    Case:  stainless steel 316L
•    Dial colour:  dark grey
•    Back plate:  screw down – stainless steel
•    Back plate:  with beautiful etch of the Mosquito
•    Back plate:   numbered
•    Water resistance:  5 ATM
•    Date:  date indication
•    Watch weight:  ±100 g
•    Watchbox:  luxury ’leather’
•    Extra brochure: info about the Mosquito and D-Day
•    Designer:  Ronald Steffen
•    Warranty:  3 years (+3 year extra after free registration)

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On June 6, 1944, as the Allied forces embarked on the monumental task of invading Normandy, the Mosquitoes were once again at the forefront, undertaking a variety of crucial missions. Their versatility and precision were instrumental in the day’s success, showcasing the significant impact these aircraft had on the course of the war.

D-Day Missions: A Showcase of Versatility
Throughout D-Day, Mosquito squadrons were engaged in a range of missions, from bombing and pathfinding to close air support and reconnaissance. One of the key roles the Mosquito played was in pathfinding, where they led the main bomber streams, dropping flares on targets to guide the following waves of heavy bombers. Their precision was crucial in ensuring the success of the bombing raids, which targeted German gun emplacements and fortifications along the coast.

Personal Stories and Anecdotes
The personal accounts of Mosquito pilots and navigators provide a vivid picture of the challenges and dangers faced during these missions. Many recount flying at treetop level to avoid radar detection, navigating under intense anti-aircraft fire, and the sheer adrenaline of racing back to base with crucial reconnaissance photographs. These stories not only highlight the bravery of the crews but also the reliability and performance of the Mosquito under extreme conditions.

Impact on the Success of the Invasion
The Mosquito’s contributions on D-Day were multifaceted. Their bombing runs on German communication centers disrupted the enemy’s ability to coordinate a counterattack, while their reconnaissance missions provided real-time intelligence on troop movements and battlefield conditions. Perhaps most importantly, their efforts in the preceding months had significantly weakened German defenses, making the invasion beaches more accessible to Allied troops.
The success of D-Day was not the result of a single factor but a combination of meticulous planning, the bravery of all the Allied forces involved, and the technological advantages provided by assets like the Mosquito. The aircraft’s ability to adapt to various roles and execute them with precision was a testament to its design and the skill of those who flew and maintained these remarkable machines.

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